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What our clients have to say:​

Do you say YES to any of these?

👉 You Want to Have Financial Peace of Mind, knowing that no matter what happens, you always have a Secure Home for You & Your Loved Ones

👉 You Want to Upgrade a Bigger Home so You & Your Growing Family can Live Securely & Comfortably⁣⁣

👉 You want to Downgrade or Upgrade & Still Have Cash for Retirement 

👉 You Want to Buy Near Your Parents & Get Extra Grants  

👉 You’re Planning to Move to a Private Property or EC & Get the BEST Capital Gain

⁣⁣👉 You Need a Solid Financial Plan for Your Property so you can Maximise Your Profits

⁣⁣👉 Your Flat has Reached 5 Years M.O.P & You Want to Know What Are the Best Steps Moving Forward

⁣⁣👉 You Want to Know How You Can Profit From Your Property (via Rental, Selling your home etc)

Is now a good time to sell your HDB?


Now is a seller’s market. The demand for a home is high and buyers are willing to pay MORE than a home’s actual value. 

👉 An example is a HDB from Pasir Ris sold for 160k MORE than its actual value. 

👉 We also SOLD a 5-Rm BTO at Yishun for $600k!

👉 AND, we SOLD a 5-Rm flat at Jurong for $555k!

Both of these were sold ABOVE our client’s expectations, where the buyer paid more than the home’s actual value!

➡️ Where are you at in your planning?

➡️ Your HDB has reached or is reaching 5 years MOP?

➡️ Want to know what are your upgrading options?

Contact us and ask your property questions!

Our consultation is FREE & non-obligatory!

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🌟 Get a Chance to Work with One of The Most Highly-Rated Agents in ERA, Receiving TOP 3 in Service Awards among 8,000 agents




🌟 Get Professional Advice From One of SG’s Highest-Transacted Agents — 74 Transactions in ONE YEAR




🌟 SAVE Time & Money With Hans & Hana’s PROVEN Track Record of Handling Over a Thousand Different Scenarios Over a Combined 20 Years!

    Or maybe...

    👉 You’re DISAPPOINTED That Your Home is Left Unsold Despite Months (or Years) of it Being on the Market

    👉 You’re Burdened by Bank Loans & Want to Fully Pay off Your Next Home so You Feel RELIEVED & AT EASE

    ⁣⁣👉 You’re Going Through a Divorce & You Need Professional Advice to Know Your Rights & How to Proceed

    ⁣⁣👉 You’re Worried Because Your Finances are Affected & You’re Unable to Upkeep With Bank Payments

    Or, do you want to upgrade to a private property?

    👉 Want to upgrade to a private property, but wondering if you can afford it?⁣

    👉 Have you been eyeing condominiums & desiring for a change of lifestyle?⁣

    👉 Want to know how you can also profit from it in the long-term?⁣

    We will assist you to:⁣

    ⁣⁣✅ Review your finances and see if you qualify to own a private property safely & comfortably, without straining your finances⁣

    ✅ If you qualify, we’ll show you how to Upgrade Safely. ⁣

    ⁣We’ll help you plan an exit strategy & assist you in maximising your profits for your investment!⁣

    ⁣⁣✅ If you don’t qualify,⁣

    ⁣We’ll provide you with different upgrading options for a Financially Secure Future & an Awesome Retirement Plan!⁣

    Check out the 2 MOST AFFORDABLE Condos in Singapore,
    at PRIME Locations & NEAR Amenities!

    As Featured in Berita Harian Newspaper, Suria TV Channel, & 89.7 Radio Channel

    Interviewed By A Malay Programme Detik @ Suria Channel

    From the desk of Hans & Hana

    SG Award-Winning Property Strategists

    Dear Homeowners…

    🔺Do you get frustrated seeing everyone else selling & buying their home easily… Except for you?

    🔺Are you looking to upgrade or downgrade, but you’re unsure where to start?

    🔺Have you engaged property agents who are over-promising & under-delivering?

    🔺Maybe you think that your property scenario is too complicated?

    Well, it’s time to think again…

    We’ve handled more than a thousand different cases over 20 years.

    Every situation is different, and requires a completely unique strategy & game-plan.

    Can you imagine how many scenarios we’ve had to work with?


    Here are a few examples…

    Scenario #1:

    The sole breadwinner was retrenched and worried about their $1,500 monthly mortgage.

    🏠 Mr Raj and wife have been staying in an EA unit. Their monthly mortgage was $1500/month. 

    Recently, he was retrenched from the company that he has been working for a long time. 

    This worries them as they need to pay the monthly mortgage in cash. 

    ✅ We assisted in creating a thorough financial plan for them.

    ✅ We discussed to sell their EA & downsize to fully-pay their next home. 

    ✅ We brought them to CPF Board to confirm their minimum sum and extensive calculations were done. 

    Fast Forward, we helped to sell their EA unit and they found a 3-room unit, fully-paid!


    🌟 Now their 3-room flat is fully-paid 

    And the BEST PART?

    🌟 They have some cash in their pocket for their retirement!

    Scenario #2:

    Their previous agent LEFT THEM without a home for 10 YEARS…

    This couple had a negative experience with a previous property agent who left them without their own home for 10 YEARS…

    They were skeptical and afraid that such a traumatising event would happen again. 

    During this emotional interview, they shared how our services helped them achieve their property goals which once seemed impossible!


    ✅ With us, they managed to BUY their dream home!

    ✅ With our thorough financial planning & calculations, we even helped them secure EXTRA savings!

    ✅Now they have more financial PEACE & security


    ”They make our dreams become reality. We are very happy and thankful. They are fast in answering all our queries, and whatever they explain to us during the meet-up turns out the same process. They are sincere and honest. “

    Most people make this EXPENSIVE property mistake...

    You see, not all property agents have your best interest at heart…

    Some of them neglect their client’s projects and leave them disappointed over time. 

    You may have even had to press them for results, instead of them taking the initiative to actively sell your property. 

    Or even worse, they are complete amateurs at what they do and will eventually leave you in a BIG MESS, like what happened to our client!

    🔺So how?

    🔺Who can you trust?

    🔺Who has YOUR best interest at heart?

    🔺Should you just figure it all out yourself?

    We understand. 

    It’s frustrating when you spend so much time explaining your goals to an agent…

    Only to have them neglect your project & leave you hanging, clueless on what to do next. 

    But here’s the thing…

    The worst thing you can do is to figure it all out yourself.


    Because there are SO MANY new HDB policies, regulations, hoops and red tapes…

    On top of ALL the current responsibilities weighing on your shoulders, imagine having to figure out all these technicalities on your own…

    You will only get terribly burnt out, have no time for your loved ones, and end up wasting thousands of dollars in regret and despair.

    Want to Protect Yourself from Making EXPENSIVE Mistakes That You Will Regret Later on?

    Then why not use our combined 20 years of experience to Save Your Precious Time & Money?

    But don’t take our word for it. 

    Just take our FREE Property Strategy Session… and we’ll give you a tailor-made solution for your specific scenario.

    Let us be the bridge to get you from point A to point B in the most TIME & COST Effective way for you & your family.  

    Scenario #3:

    The whole family has been living in and out of JB for 7 YEARS. Wife cries after getting keys to their SG Home!

    This couple were staying in JB & got tired of having to constantly travel back and forth to Singapore. 

    Husband is the main sole breadwinner. 

    They tried to ask a few property agents for help, but got even more discouraged.

    It was extremely stressful for them, as their kids are still going to school in SG and some are going through National Service (NS).

    They urgently needed a home for their family. 

    When they finally met us…

    We managed to help them get a 3-Room Flat in Yishun, FULLY PAID!!

    And the best part?

    They did not have to come up with a lot of cash for their home because we negotiated for them a very low deposit of only $500! 

    The wife was ECSTATIC because she did not believe it was even possible for them to get a home in SG!

    ERA's TOP Achievers & Multiple Award-Winning Property Strategists

    ERA Top 136th Achiever, 2020

    ERA Top 3 In Service Award ,2020

    ERA Top 202th Achiever, 2019

    ERA Top 202h Achiever, 2018

    ERA Top 92th Achiever, 2017

    ERA Top 151th Achiever ,2016

    ERA Top 157th Achiever ,2015

    What ERA COO says...

    “I know Hans and Hana for more than 10 years . Both of them has been very dedicated as Real Estate Agents. Their passion and dedication has touched most of their clients. They go ALL OUT to help their customers achieve their real estate dreams!” 

    Why are we showing you our awards?

    Because this is proof that we take what we do very seriously. 

    We’ve been in this industry for a total of 20 YEARS combined! 

    We wouldn’t have lasted this long if it wasn’t for our passion and expertise to help people GET RESULTS in the fastest and most effective way possible. 

    Recently, we’ve been awarded TOP 3 in Service Awards. 

    This award only goes to 3 people in the ENTIRE 8,000 property agents in ERA. 

    Why is this important for YOU to know?


    🌟 It shows a proven track record of satisfied clients who have greatly benefitted from our services. 

    🌟 It shows that we don’t stop until we help you get RESULTS. 

    🌟 And it also shows that we leave NO client behind to cluelessly wonder what to do next. 

    Your home is the biggest investment you will ever make for you & your family. 

    It matters to you, so it matters to us. 

    "Hans & Hana exceeded our expectations!"

    Scenario #4:

    From a 2-Room Flat to a 3-Room Flat, Fully PAID!

    This couple has been staying in a 2-Room flat. The husband is a sole breadwinner.

    Their 4 daughters are all growing and they need more space and privacy.

    They’ve used HDB loan twice, and are resistant to using a bank loan as they’re worried if anything happens they are unable to pay.

    After careful financial planning & thorough calculations, we used our 20 years of combined experience to sell their unit. 

    The house was SOLD!

    And the BEST part?

    We helped them get a 3-Room flat just one block away from their parents’ home!

    Scenario #5:

    Previous agent got them ZERO viewings in a whole month! We helped them get a buyer in 1 week!

    Scenario #6:

    A 5-room flat has become too big for this Pakcik & Makcik. 

    Pakcik & Makcik has has been staying in a 5-room flat for quite a while.

    Children has their own family and moved out to their own home.

    Now, the house has become very quiet and Makcik has become very tired to clean the whole house.

    After doing the calculation and bringing them to CPF Board to confirm their minimum sum , we started to advertise the unit.

    ✅ We successfully SOLD the unit to the 1st viewer

    ✅ We helped them buy a 3-room flat which just turned 5 years old!

    The best part?

    ✅ It’s FULLY PAID, so no more loans to burden them!

    Scenario #7:

    A taxi driver started to get worried for his family when he started falling sick more often.

    Mr Ali, 53 years old and wife has been staying in a 4-Room flat for 17 years. Mr Ali has been working as a taxi driver.

    Age is catching up, and Mr Ali starts to get sick more often.

    We discussed that it will be good if he downsizes to full-pay their next home and cash out his sales proceeds to use in the future.

    He applied for sales of balance flat and got approved by HDB.

    We then proceeded to market his unit.

    ✅ We SOLD his home to the 2nd viewer!

    ✅ Now, he and his family has shifted to a 3 -Room flat at Chua Chu Kang. 

    The good news?

    ✅ Mr Ali still has enough cash to renovate his new home….

    ✅ AND cash for his medical use in the future!

    Scenario #8:

    They wanted to sell their EA and buy their dream home, an Executive Maisonette but…

    Husband & wife have been staying in an Executive Apartment. 

    They have an intention of upgrading to prepare for a bright future and an awesome retirement plan, but are still unsure of the choices they have. 

    After successfully selling their unit, we showed and explained all their options…

    From an Executive Maisonette, to a Jumbo. 

    After calculating all the expenses needed and their monthly instalments, we saw that a Condo is possible! 

    We managed to secure for them the last pricing for a newly launched condo before it increased.

    They are now owners of a condo with a dual park and pool view!

    Reserve Your FREE,
    Strategy Session!

    🌟 Get a Chance to Work with One of The Most Highly-Rated Agents in ERA, Receiving TOP 3 in Service Awards among 8,000 agents




    🌟 Get Professional Advice From One of SG’s Highest-Transacted Agents — 74 Transactions in ONE YEAR




    🌟 SAVE Time & Money With Hans & Hana’s PROVEN Track Record of Handling Over a Thousand Different Scenarios Over a Combined 20 Years!

      Scenario #9:

      She is above 55 years and wants to upgrade & buy near her children

      When we first met her, she told us that she has the intention to sell her  2-room BTO flat at Tampines and buy a unit near to her children, fully-paid means no loan. ⁣

      As she is above 55years old, calculations and appeals were done. ⁣

      Before we can proceed, we have to make sure that she is able to sell and then fully-pay her next home. ⁣

      Fast Forward. ⁣

      We SOLD her unit HIGHER than the market transaction in the area. 

      Now she has moved to a 3-room flat at Bedok near to her children. ⁣

      Alhamdulillah, we are so happy her!

      During this moment, we have also learnt so much from her!

      A very strong-willed lady who will do anything for the children. A mother’s Love. ⁣

      🌟Similar scenario ? Or you know anyone who is above 55 years old and have the intention to sell and downsize and fully-pay the next home?⁣

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